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Clover Run Farm
268 Brockton Loop
Jefferson, GA 30549

Phone: 770-380-0653
Phone: 706-654-1119


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   One of our smallest guests


1. I live more than a hour of driving distance from your location. Can you pick up and drop off my dog, so I wouldn't have to drive myself?
Yes. We can pick up and drop off your dog to your house.
Pick-Up and Drop Off Fee
     $30 each way *

     *Prices are subject to change without notice

2. Can I have a tour at Clover Run Farm?
Yes. Call or e-mail us to schedule the date and time.

3. What will my dog do while stay at Clover Run Farm?
Clover Run Farm has 9 grass fenced yards, where the dogs have their walks and exercises at least twice a day.

4. Where do the dogs have their walks?
Clover Run Farm has 9 grass fenced yards, where the dogs have their walks and exercises at least twice a day.

5. How long are the dogs walking?
Depends of the weather. If the weather is good at least 30 minutes

6. How the dogs are fed?
The dogs are fed twice a day after their walks.

7. My dog is small size. Should I worry about this?
Absolutely not. We have a lot of small dogs at our boarding. The big dogs stay in separate runs and exercise yards than the small dogs.

See above for the image of one of the smallest of our guests - Sasha. He is only 3.5 lbs.

8. Where do the dogs stay during the day/sleep at night?
They stay in runs inside the heated/air-conditioned building.

9. What about summer hot/ winter cold temperatures?
The dogs stay inside heated/air-conditioned building.

10. My dog needs some medication. Can you give medication to my dog?
Yes. We can give and administrate the medications without any extra charge.

11. What happens if my dog becomes ill or injured?
We use Commerce Vet Clinic.
They have 5 veterinarians, including ortho specialist.

12. What if my dog has a special diet?
Just send the dog's food with the dog and give us all necessary instructions.
There is no extra charge to care for the dog with special diet.

13. Do you provide any other service besides boarding?
Yes. We do private training. Obedience.

14. What types of training programs do you provide?
We do private training. Obedience.

15. Can you board the cats?
Usually we donít take cats, but some exceptions could be made.
Please call or e-mail us for details.

16. What are the working hours of Clover Run Farm?
Since itís owner residence operating, Clover Run Farm is open 24/7

17. Can I pick up or drop off my dog on a holiday?
Yes. There is no extra charge for the holiday time.

18. Is there any extra cost to board the pets during holidays?
No. There is no extra charge for the holiday time.

19. How often are runs cleaned?
When itís needed, but at least twice a day.

20. Do you board dogs with behavioral issues?
Yes. We have enough space to keep the "trouble makers" separate.

21. What if a dog starts to act aggressively?
It will be separated from the other dogs.

22. Are vaccinations required to board a dog at Clover Run Farm?
The requirements are the same as everywhere. We donít require anything special.
Please contact us for details.

23. Is there any requirements of minimum or maximum period of staying at Clover Run Farm?
No, there is no minimum or maximum.

24. Can I check on my pet? How should I do it?
Yes. You can call us and we will provide you the information about your dog.

25. I have never left my dog before. Do you think itís a problem?
Absolutely not. We have an extensive experience with the dog boarding and can find the way to meet any dogs' needs.

26. My dog is not very socialized. Can you help?
Yes. We can provide a help about socializing.

27. My dog needs some training. Can you help?
Yes. We can do private training.

If you have more questions and havenít found the answers, please, e-mail us at with your questions,
and we will be glad to answer them.